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Contained within is a sampling of much of the work I've done recently.


A small overview of myself is I am obsessed with learning and continuing my education to keep up with technology, plus really we all like new shiny things.  Personally I enjoy reading, board games, video games on all platforms (if you want to talk retro I have you covered there as well, my 30 year old NES still works great) and an avid Homebrewer.


I am a Senior Technical Artist at Ingersoll Rand currently and have worked with many software APIs and with mobile (tablet and phone), Windows and OSX. More recently I have begun diving into Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.  Most of what I've done recently is with  Unity 3D due to it's robustness and ability to build out to multiple platforms with relative ease.


Keep an eye on this page as it'll keep evolving.

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